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The Slab On Grade Calculator

Our extensive and precise slab-on-grade or floor-on-grade calculator is suitable for a wide variety of applications such as industrial floors or internal and external slabs. Design floors and slabs with fibre reinforced concrete and compare with conventional solutions.  Download your calculations and generate BIM objects directly from the tool.  Get started and achieve durable and efficient flooring solutions that align with safety standards and sustainability objectives.  Available for free online, Try it today!

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Plan For Any Pallet Racking

Perfect for planning warehouse and depot layouts, you can simulate the load distribution of your palette storage to have more optimised calculations for your warehouse floor layouts. Including palette racking, interaction with forklift, or even calculate for the construction of a mezzanine floor in your project.

Set Up Your Project

Set the parameters of your project then compare the solution and product that suits you the best! Select the standards / norms that fits your projects. You can now choose between a wide range of conventional or fiber reinforced concretes solutions or even customise your own.

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Specify Any Distributed Loads

Include in your calculations any uniformly or linearly distributed loads on your concrete floor or slab.   The tool can help you adapt the floor thickness design taking into account your inventory management needs whether it is raw materials or machinery.

Calculate MHE Loads

For accurate warehouse floor design calculations, include the details of the material handling equipment or use the parameters according to your country norm and logistical operations plan.

Get Your Calculation & Download a BIM Object

Get fast and accurate results on the slab thickness, the joint spacing and the crack width for your project with a click on the calculate button. You can get the detailed report with your calculations and also download the BIM object to apply directly into your Revit model or as an interoperable IFC format.

Design Structural Reinforcement

Design and visualize the distribution of steel reinforcement in a diagram and the impact of the design your floor or slab project.  You have full control of the parameters to find the optimal reinforcement solution.

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